Farther Out, Further In

Author’s Note: The following article reflects my thoughts on how space exploration interweaves with human consciousness, the fragility of Earth and our responsibility to preserve it. Enjoy!

In a universe so eerily deserted, I suppose it is natural to hope for neighbours. Humans have looked, listened, even shouted, but the only response from the universe has been silence. Yet they trudged along, built sophisticated instruments to understand worlds other than their own. Countless probes have been sent to peek underneath Europa’s icy surface, to poke into the sandy one on Mars, and to gasp at the intensely gaseous ones on Jupiter and Saturn. Slowly but firmly, humans have travelled further than their eyes’ reach. Time and again they have been awed by the uniqueness of Earth, especially when the search for life revealed planets where life wouldn’t dare to make itself known.

In this pursuit, humans have learned about themselves as much as they did about the universe. They are now aware of all the different ways in which the universe could kill them, and are conscious of the delicate presence that they maintain in this beautifully complex world.

This knowledge sparks an awareness a fierce desire to protect Earth from harm, not only from the universe but also from themselves.

After all, Earth is home, for me and for you.  

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