Dark but Not Dead

Author’s note: This story narrates the formation of stars in the Northern Coalsack in the dark rift of the Milky Way galaxy. Enjoy!

Under the thick blanket of night, the darkness breathed fire.

The gas and dust that had simply existed for millions of years now came together to form new stars. Stars that became possible only because of a little push by the cosmos. A chance event nearby had sent shockwaves through the universe, squeezing the gas and dust till it began surrendering to the pressures of gravity. Being sucked became mandatory and it started crowding at a centre where the space was too little and the crowd too huge, steadily increasing the density and temperature at the star’s core.

By the time the temperature had reached fifteen million degrees, the star was armed and ready. It announced its presence to the cosmos in a fierce burst of light that could be seen thousands of light-years away.

From Earth, humans cannot see these stars directly because dark clouds of obscuring dust hide them from our view. The stars we do see are thousands of light-years away, their glow so soft that it masks the ferocity with which their hearts burn.

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