“It all started three billion years ago”, said the Seismograph.

The seismometer is busily at work. It had been shaken by the earthquake earlier on, and the stylus attached to the heavy mass at the center begins to record the earth’s shaky movements. Close lines begin to form on the sheet of paper that would later be analyzed to locate the core of the earthquake. Little did the scientists at the laboratory know about the huge discovery about to happen. Underneath the ink lines lay the answer to the source of earth’s magnetic field. Though this quake sent out seismic waves in all directions, it was mild enough to go undetected by humans. Seismographs, however, form another story altogether. Triggered by even the slightest fluctuations, they record all the earthquakes on this planet.

Motion Loop. Earthquake Seismograph Line Looping. 2013. www.youtube.com. Web. 16 May. 2017.

The waves travel at an enormous speed from their center, compressing the body of the earth in their path, allowing the seismometer to discover different compositions of the Earth.

But there was something else the graphs were trying to say. Something more than pointing out the epicenter of the quake. If only the seismologists paid more attention. Beneath the huge data of graphs, lay the story all the graphs were in harmony trying to convey. Only when scores and scores of such graphs were analyzed, was the truth revealed.


Three billion years ago

The iron was rapidly sinking.

Gravity tugged at it so that the iron was forced to accumulate at the core of Earth, leaving behind the lighter elements. The iron succumbed to being a solid due to the pressure and temperature at the core. Around it splashed the restless core of liquid iron. Powered by the rotation of the Earth, it danced to its tunes, leaving electric fields in its wake.

Splashing around, it periodically shed off its weight to the core, slightly increasing its radius. The heat released was carried to the surface. The electrons in the outer liquid core moved along with the Earth, their electric fields in tow.

These electric fields gradually gave rise to magnetic fields, their strength matching the electric fields’.

The magnetic field then zoomed through the earth and out into space. It took its position thousands of kilometers in space and prepared itself to protect the earth and its inhabitants from the alien atmosphere.

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