Why Are We Here? Part 1 – The Cosmic Speed-Up

‘Uh-oh. This is definitely not happening right now.’ he muttered as he looked down at the numbers.

Measuring the rate at of universe’s expansion had just taken a big turn. Forty years had gone by since Hubble’s bombshell that all the galaxies were rushing away from each other. This had led to even more controversies because of the reasoning the finding established: space itself was stretching!

Back then it was simply unheard of. Whatever the twists and turns of physics, the universe was firmly believed to be static. Because this finding shook that very fact, it seeped its way into everyday lives and neighborly gossips.

Since knowing the rate at which the universe expansion is slowing seemed to be as important as the fact that is isn’t static, I had set about measuring several distant galaxies to note how the expansion rate has changed over time. It took me five years of relentless work to get a number. A number, which just might just trigger another round of debates.

Wasn’t gravity supposed to..like..hold things together? The pull of every galaxy on each other was supposed to slow the expansion down. Looking at the results, I suddenly find myself in a strange world. A world, where the space is uniformly filled with an invisible mist. A world, where the gravity resulting from this mist yet to be christened as dark energy acts as a repulsive force. And a world, where the expansion is not slowing down, but speeding up!

And how much is this mysterious force?

The nerve of such a tiny amount to speed up the expansion of space and drive galaxies away, away, and out of sight!


According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, space is filled with dark energy and the gravity resulting from it is a repulsive force, responsible for the accelerating universe.


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