Why Are We Here? Part 2 – String Theory


This number triggered a race to bring all the forces at work in the universe under one umbrella. Objects were observed, peeled delicately and eventually shattered for their sub-atoms to be peered at. Theories were constantly formed through basic laws of physics, weighed and quickly discarded for the lack of satisfying results. String theory, with its world of tiny filaments of energy finally managed to surface above the others. The theory probed into atoms much more deeper than available technology and hunched that the vibrations of these strings create electrons, protons, and other subatomic particles. Though the only theory to make considerable headway in this race to account for the elegant unification of our universe, it hit a roadblock when the math simply refused to add up. Scientists eventually added extra dimensions in space to this theory. Dimensions crumpled to so small a size that they were the only ones to relieve string theory of all its internal inconsistencies. While the string vibrations determined the amount of dark energy in our universe, these strings themselves were constrained into vibrating in specific patterns by the extra dimensions. A new quest began to understand the shape of these dimensions, through which string vibration patterns could be deduced. The number of candidate shapes for these dimensions quickly grew from a handful to a few millions, and the possibility of multiverses was contemplated.

A tough situation to fathom, they eventually discerned that each multiverse was made of a different type of extra dimension that ultimately explained the amount of dark matter in that universe.

The universes with more dark matter threw clumps of matter apart, prohibiting the creation of galaxies, planets, and life. Those with less dark matter than ours would inevitably collapse upon themselves, again forbidding life from thriving. Though string theory smartly explains presence of the newly discovered dark energy, its formation did leave behind a bugging question:

How did these universes form in the first place?   



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