Lurking in the Dark

It seemed to be being emitted from somewhere near the Northern Cross in the Cygnus constellation. Orbiting the Earth every 5-6 days, the UHRU satellite successfully accomplished its sole mission to detect the X-Ray sources in the outer space. The data is sent back to Earth comprised of the processed information of the ionized photons from the Geiger Counter, revealing sources of X-Rays in the entire sky. The blue Supergiant normally just did not emit X-Rays.

Apart from being distorted by its own rotation, its matter also seemed to be being sucked by extremely strong gravitational forces of a nearby unknown source. The Supergiant was being sucked into something more massive, more powerful, yet compact in space and time. Chunks of material from the Supergiant formed a thick circle around the mysterious darkness. The gas and dust surrounded something more massive and dangerous. Something that made gravity go haywire. What is this mysterious source of such gravity that can neither be seen nor heard? What is it over there, lurking in the dark?

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The black hole swirls through space and time at speeds near to that of light. The only proof of its location in space-time was the disc of gas, dust and light that was unfortunate enough to wander into its arena from the Supergiant. Its humongous gravity sucked in the Supergiant’s matter, trapping the light in its horizon. The matter that falls into orbit around the disk is forcefully compressed due to the gravitational and frictional forces, causing it to spiral inwards. Trapped, this light, gas and dust quickly enters the point of no return. These are heated so much that they started emitting high energy X-rays.

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The black hole’s spin reflects the spin of its predecessor, the massive star that exploded. Unable to cope up to the gravity’s weight, the star had collapsed upon itself. And exploded. The remnant of the supernova explosion, too, had a part of the original spin of the star. As matter began to accumulate towards the center of the remnant, it began to spin faster and faster. The weight of gravity pulled the fabric of space-time downwards. This collection of mass so huge in a space so compact made the escape velocity greater than that of light. The abyss ended in a point like space time where the volume is zero and density infinite.

This black hole, devoured the stars, all the while lurking in the dark.

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